Phnom Voar

Phnom Voar, known as Vine mountain, provides a great day activity and vintage point of Kep’s beautiful rolling hills. Depite its rough history as a former Khmer Rouge stonghold, the natural beauty of the area continues to shine brightly. A recent conservation effort has ensured the spaee will remain spectacular for many years to come. Lush vegetation, diverse wildlife, and true solace are all part of the Phnom Voar experience.

Villagers throughout Phnom Voar are extremely friendly and approachable, allowing you to dive right into the local culture. There are several street-food options in the area, in case yu are looking for a snack along the way. In the same direction ares some local pepper plantations, a trip to the area can easily be bombined with a morning pepper plantation tour. Any avid spelukers are encouraged to ask your local guide about discovering nearby caves.