Kep national park

Established in 1993, Kep National Park incorporates nearly 50-kilometers of protected wildlife area. Well-maintained forested trails offer two spectacular options for adventures of all fitness levels. An easy 8-kilometer hiking or maountain biking trail winding through forested hills complete with an abundance of protected flora and fauna. For more skilled climbers and seasoned hikers, several kilometers of shaded, narrow paths traverse their way through winding hills. Paths are well marked but are very steep, requiring the use of advanced equipment and skills. The main track and subsequent smaller paths offer beautiful viewpoints of the entire region. The Phu Quoc Islands of Vietnam, Bokor Mountain Range near Kampot, lush valleys nestled in the hills, and tropical coastal areas visible from Kep National Park.

Birds, squirrels, monkeys, butterflies and many other shy or mysterious creatures await. The park is well maintained by a @1 contribution per visitor, enabling it to remain a complete nature reserve free of odern amenities. Before embarking, be sure to have plenty of food and water. This great half-day activity is ideal for the to-it-yourself traveler and is the perfect gateway for those with restless legs. The park entrance is an easy 20-minute walk from Le Flamboyant; ask reception for assistance, planning this day trip, including additional activities that can create a full-day experience. We provide you with the maps, supplies and guides necessary to take on the adventure. Don’t forget, our two pools await your return!