Open on three sides, providing maximum visibility, our reception desk is conveniently located at the entrance of the resort. The well-positioned space allows plenty of ventilation for staff and visitors while granting security and comfort on all fronts. With 24 / 7 access, the front desk is always available to help guests in any way possible. At night, our watchman will be here to open the gate of Le Flamboyant for you at any time.

Our friendly staff will help you with any need including arranging a local tuk-tuk ride, booking a car or a minivan, hiring a bicycle or motorbike, organizing a tour and more. Reception is full of information on all activities around Kep and Kampot. Warmly welcoming you on the day of your arrival, we will order you a free drink that can be enjoyed on your own private terrace, at the restaurant, or at one of our two swimming pools.