Making Every Meal Special at Our Restaurant

Offering the pinnacle of fine dining in coastal Cambodia

Between exquisite food, décor, and service the ultimate culinary experience is all yours to be discovered. The freshest local ingredients accompanied by a stunning view create perfection within every bite. Breakfast is included for all guests. The bountiful buffet includes an array of local fresh fruits, toasts, croissants, homemade organic jams, coffee and tea. Morning fruit salads are prepared from fresh mangoes, pineapples, and bananas grown directly on-site. Additionally our kitchen staff prepares excellent jams form mango and tamarind to accompany homemade bread and croissants. Your choice of omelets made from freshly laid free-range eggs, allow you to start every day with a smile.

Further in the day, classical European and Khmer cuisine made by our skilled chef will keep your mouth watery throughout your stay. Our perfected lunch and dinner menus revolve exclusively around the fresh ingredients the area is renowned for. Sauteed crab dishes, decadent Khmer Curries and other local favorites are delicately prepared with fresh sprigs of lemongrass and Kampot peppercorns. We know it’s sometimes nice to have a taste of home while traveling. That is why our menu includes fresh pizza, pasta, salad and a variety of other French-inspired favorites. Fresh seasonal fruit juices and smoothies are always available; additions that make those lazy days by the pool truly special. Well fueled for the day, you’ll be prepared for serene walks through Kep national park, located at the foot of Le Flamboyant Boutique Resort.

An extraordinary dining room provides a unique dining experience
fit for any occasion; join us for your next meal in paradise